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Business Owners + Directors

Whenever you seek financial advice...

Investing. Retirement. Gifting. Inheritance. Tax. Divorce. Death....


you get better outcomes through meaningful conversations.

Why talk to us?

It's simple. Better outcomes for you because you can choose to make your own decisions, set your own path and perhaps manage your own money. And if you don't have the time, interest or knowledge, you can delegate to others.

It's your money and your choice.

Business Owners
Taking back control over your money
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Why Conversation is vital
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Why talk to us?
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Case history
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Hello, I'm Nic Round, The Wealth Coach

We are Independent Chartered Wealth Managers, Chartered Financial Planners, and Certified Financial Planners.  

We are independent for a reason. Impartiality means unbiased. 

We focus on listening to you; engaging in challenging conversations which may lead to advice; they also may lead to helping and supporting you in making your own decisions.  We concentrate on finding how you can make the best decisions for you and your future.

It's about you, not how much money you have.

We use a subscription-based model for charging, just like Netflix or Amazon, as charging is based on your assets is unfair to you.

We have designed our business model to be client-centric. We only work with families and people we like, who have integrity and value long-term relationships.

Get smarter about your financial decisions

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