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Use Artificial Intelligence as your investment guardian

Everything willchange with ChatGPT5  


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Why you need AI to help you make better investment decisions.

Many people find it easier to let experts like wealth managers, stock brokers, and financial advisors make investment choices for them. But often, this leaves investors feeling like they're not in control of their own money. They depend on others and feel uncertain about managing their finances. They might even struggle to understand what's in their investment portfolio, which can be embarrassing.

While investors trust professionals to handle their money, they often lack the confidence to ask questions or understand what's happening with their investments. Sometimes, professionals reassure them with vague statements, leaving them feeling unsure.

But as an investor, it's important to take responsibility for your money. Making the right decisions for yourself and your family is crucial.

Until now, this has been hard work.

Now, with the help of AI technology, you can regain control and clarity over your investments. AI can provide you with the information and insights you need to make informed decisions and ensure you're getting the most out of your investments.

AI will change the future for you.

When you employ your wealth managers, do you really know how much they charge?

Are you really clear about whether your investments are successful?

Do you really know about the risk you are taking?  

Getting answers to these and many more questions is vital for your due diligence process.

Start asking language AI models to help you become more empowered over your money.  

We asked Chat GPT to explain The Role of Your Wealth Manager and AI in Making Informed Financial Decisions

How to start?

Begin by asking AI simple questions. Ask about things like what equities are or how to gauge investment risks and returns. Then, take the answers you get and explore them further.

Review your wealth manager's recommendations or annual reviews. Identify any parts you don't fully grasp and seek AI's assistance. You can find examples here.

Undoubtedly, this learning journey will be enlightening.

When you feel confident, start asking your investment managers, private bankers, stock brokers, or wealth managers new and insightful questions.

This way, you'll make better decisions with your money.

Why talk to us?

Language AI models will help build your knowledge.  

You'll become curious.  You'll probably want to feel more in control than you've ever been before.

You'll want to get better value for money.

You'll also want better conversations about money.


We help you think more deeply to make better financial decisions.  Our role is not to tell you what you want to hear but to challenge you. 

If that's what you want, join our community and benefit from regular updates and ideas. 


To chat about building a relationship about money in your life, set up a meeting.  

I'm Nic Round,
The Wealth Coach

We are Independent Chartered Wealth Managers, Chartered Financial Planners, and Certified Financial Planners.  

We are independent for a reason. Impartiality means unbiased. 

We focus on listening to you; engaging in challenging conversations which may lead to advice; they also may lead to helping and supporting you in making your own decisions.  We concentrate on finding how you can make the best decisions for you and your future.

It's about you, not how much money you have.

We use a subscription-based model for charging, just like Netflix or Amazon.

We have designed our business model to be client-centric. We only work with families and people we like, who have integrity and value long-term relationships.

Who you talk to, changes everything.

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