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Pro Bono Financial Planning Services

Unbiased.  Plain Speaking. Actionable.

Everyone deserves quality financial advice and peace of mind around their money.

Through The Wealth Coach’s pro bono program, individuals and families who don’t meet the typical minimums required by financial advisors now have access to the highest standard in impartial advice – the same high level provided to each one of our paying clients. 

If you are interested in comprehensive financial planning and investment advice, schedule a 15-minute introductory call to see if working with us is the right fit for your needs.

Our pro bono sessions are designed to provide education and guidance on one to two high-level topics. During your 45-minute phone session, an advisor will help clarify the steps you can take to achieve your most important life goals. Common areas we explore include:

How to create a budget and track spending
How to save for the future
How much cash to keep in an emergency fund
How to align your investments with your goals
Types of insurance you need (or don’t)
Renting versus buying a home
Preparing for an elderly parent’s care
Planning for a child’s education
How to pay off credit card and other debt
Overall financial wellness

To reserve your meeting, simply follow the link below and add the words Pro Bono and we will come back to you.

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Hello, I'm Nic Round, The Wealth Coach

We are Independent Chartered Wealth Managers, Chartered Financial Planners, and Certified Financial Planners.  

We are independent for a reason. Impartiality means unbiased. 

We focus on listening to you; engaging in challenging conversations which may lead to advice; they also may lead to helping and supporting you in making your own decisions.  We concentrate on finding how you can make the best decisions for you and your future.

It's about you, not how much money you have.

We use a subscription-based model for charging, just like Netflix or Amazon.

We have designed our business model to be client-centric. We only work with families and people we like, who have integrity and value long-term relationships.

Who you talk to, changes everything.

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